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Manage your Risk

What is Risk Management?

 Perhaps the most important part of a trading system, a Risk Management strategy is used by professional traders to protect their capital, manage their trade positions, and have a consistently profitable trading system.

Test your System

Why test?

Before they put real money behind it, professional traders put their trading strategy through multiple tests to ensure its success. Don’t leave anything to chance. Test your strategy BEFORE you invest in it.

Consistent Profit

Consistent profits? Really?

There is a Holy Grail to trading. But it isn’t what you think. Discover how to create a Trading system that is designed for consistent profits. Use the tools that the professionals use to put the odds of success in their favour.

"Thanks Anshul! I know more about money management, trade planning, and options strategies than my financial advisor!"

Naveen Rao

Software Programmer

How do I ... ?

The business of trading is a business unlike any other. If you treat it as a business, it will continue to earn for you. Understand the components of this business and how you too can trade for a living.

In this post, we cover some of the best strategies and teach you what it takes to make them work.

A trade plan is the blueprint of your trading business. Find out all the components of a professional trade plan. Remember, fail to plan and you plan to fail.

Yes! Use these income-oriented strategies to start your passive income.

Buy one, borrow one or create one. Whatever you do, do this before you start putting real money behind your trading strategy.

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