Passive Income Success Story: Samira’s 5-Year Journey from Stenographer to Financial Security

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passive income success story

Samira was a single mother. Her income as a stenographer was barely enough to cover the monthly costs. Samira was making about 4,000 rupees at her full time job. Samira’s gross pay was 5,200 rupees per month.

She had no assets and no liabilities. Samira had the cash flow pattern of the poor. She wanted to own a home someday, but her main goal was to have a life free of the stress of not having enough money. 20,000 a month in passive income was more than she would ever need.

First, though, she had to set some short-term goals. She wanted to increase the amount of money she made each month to achieve financial security while also spending more time at home with her son.

Analysis of Samira’s Financial Statement

The analysis is fairly simple because only Samira’s income statement is involved. 

How much did samira keep?                                          

Samira’s total monthly income

Rs. 5,200

Less: Total monthly expense

Rs. 5,150

Difference is how much she kept:

Rs. 50

Percentage of income kept:


Did her money work for her?                                         

No – Samira had no passive or portfolio income

What was her income after taxes?                                

Samira’s total income per month

Rs. 5,200

Taxes she paid per month

Rs. 450

Net income per month

Rs. 4,750

Percentage of gross income paid in taxes


How much did she spend on housing?                          

Total housing cost

Rs. 1,200

Percentage of net income


How much did she spend on non-performing assets?  

Total non-performing assets

Rs. 10,000

Total assets (as per banker)

Rs. 10,000

Percentage of total assets


What was her return on assets?                                    

Samira had no assets and no passive income, so there was no return on assets. 

How wealthy was she?                                                   

Total assets

Rs. 0

Total expenses

Rs. 4,700

Samira had zero wealth. If she lost her job she couldn’t survive a single day.

Samira’s Passive Income Success Story

Samira could see from her analysis that she needed to build real assets to provide passive income. In fact, like many people the idea of passive income was a real turning point for her. The idea of money-making-money and financial freedom were very exciting for her. As a stenographer, she had acquired secretarial skills at the office and felt she could make much more money providing secretarial services from home than she did from her job.

Samira reached out to NGOs that worked for the welfare of women. They helped her by not only working with her to establish a business plan but also assisted her in getting credit for starting the venture. They provided her a lot of free resources that assisted her in setting up her business. She also took a local course on starting a business. This included basic business accounting, record keeping, marketing and business planning.

With this help, Samira was able to get herself set up. 3,000 per month against which she was able to expense many items she used to pay for with before-tax money.

This additional money went to build up her security fund. There were some expenses along the way but at the end of five years, she was able to build a savings account of Rs. 1,50,000

How Wealthy had She Become?

With Rs. 1,50,000 in her savings account and Rs. 5,150 of monthly cost, Samira was almost 30 months wealthy.

What’s next for Samira?

After launching her business, Samira took stock of her situation by preparing a new financial statement. She went through the exercise of “where she wanted to be?” and set new goals. Now she is interested in exploring investing in order to build a portfolio of passive income. More than anything else, Samira has gained a feeling of control over her financial situation. She’s confident she can reach any goal she sets for herself with the right advisors and by creating a plan.

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