The Financial Planning Workshop

A 4-part program you can use to control your spending, design your financial goals and build real assets (then put it all on automation).

What is the Financial Planning Workshop?

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Find out where you are financially, where you want to get to and how others went about getting there.

Discover how to set up your money system so that you can turn even the smallest savings into a money making machine, while making sure you are in the right phase of the steps to financial freedom and plan yourself accordingly

Just follow along with these 4 illustrated case studies and you’ll know exactly what to look for, what to focus on, and what questions to ask when you are putting down your financial goals.

Once you have put together your budget and financial goals you understand where you really want to get to. You’ll have the knowledge you need to create high-impact budgets and goals that will put you on the fast track to riches. Plus, you’ll also learn how to automate your entire system for an even bigger advantage!

Key Concepts

  • Understand how passive income works and get your money organised so that you are all set to have your money working for you
  • Learn the 3 secrets of assets and liabilities that can help you create unbelievably strong cash machines that can work for generations to come
  • Your cash flow statements tell a story. Understand your story and how you can write a fresh new chapter with absolute control.
  • Many more

Case Studies

  • Explore 4 case studies that looks into the financial lives of actual people that have undertaken their financial journey towards greater wealth.
  • Assorted scenarios help in giving great insights into various situations that influence financial decisions and impacts. Learn from the mistakes of others so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.
  • Complete and thorough analysis help you in understanding every part of your financial profile, regardless of your situation

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Current Situation

  • The path to a rich life is as hard as you decide to make it. But it all starts with understanding where you are. Put together your financial statements with ease (even if you haven’t done it in the past) and understand where you are. So that you can get to where you want to get to.
  • Your story is yours alone and the story that your financial statements tell give great insights into your situation. The analysis of these statements will tell you what you need to do to get ahead.

Goal Setting

  • Use simple techniques that sets your goals and puts your financial system into place. Giving you a complete plan that will give lasting benefits
  • Learn time-tested money hacks that will make implementing your plan a breeze.
  • Continue your journey with systematic reviews and learn the art of automation that will let you enjoy life without worrying about money.


Most frequent questions and answers

ANSWER: It’s not quite a course and it’s definitely not just an ordinary report or white paper…

…a Workshop is more like an “action plan on steroid!”

We work with you online and we take you through the key concepts, case studies, the planning process, goal setting, and much much more …

Here’s how it works:

As professional traders, we invest in the Capital Markets and specialise in Options Strategies. At the Income Option, our mission is to help 20,000 people have a second line of income so that they can raise the level of their lifestyles. But before we could help them start investing, we had to help our clients get absolute control on their money.

So, we got to work …

In addition to our in-house financial expert, we consulted some of the best professionals in the field to come up with a complete financial system for saving and investing.

When we finished, we were left with a simple, easy to follow, 4 step process that incorporated all our best practices that made taking action and getting results super simple!

ANSWER: If you’re thinking “500 rupees is cheap…what’s the catch?” then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. 500 rupees puts this information within the reach of everyone … and that’s our stated mission – to help 20,000 people achieve financial freedom. And at 500 rupees you should have to think too much about it 😉

2. It makes sure only the serious action takers will sign up. We only want committed folks who take action, and in our experience charging anything … even if it’s just a buck … gets rid of 99% of the time-wasters.

3. It helps us cover our costs. (Hey, we’re all financial savvy people, we need to take care of our house BEFORE we can help other, right?)

We also believe that once you experience this workshop, you’ll want more and maybe … just maybe … you’ll come back, buy more and possibly even upgrade to The Income Option Structured Options Trading Calls where you get access to our monthly trades and a complete Income System.

But that’s it…

No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

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