The Financial Planning Worksheet

Use this worksheet to get a “Financial Report Card” so that you can understand where your money is. Then put it to work so that you can have higher returns and absolute control.

What you’ll get

Use your financial plan to drive your financial decisions, control your expenses and start an investing fund (the financial plan is the bedrock of your financial house).

Get a complete view of your financial situations (using all 4 financial statements) and determine IF your money is working and HOW MUCH

Start building real assets to have your money working for you and work towards your financial freedom

Find out your Money Persona and tailor your spending and investing to address your financial goals, challenges and opportunities.

Anshul Pathania

Anshul Pathania

Founder & Options Strategy Expert

“Whether you are investing in Options Strategies, Stocks or Forex, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Download this worksheet and get clear on where you stand financially so that you can start investing with greater confidence”

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