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Looking for a way to super charge your investments?
See first-hand how professional traders are designing and implementing options strategies to get monthly returns of 8% and more.


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Options Strategies
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Create an Investment System designed for Higher Returns.

This course is a practical guide that will help you develop an advanced investment system using Options Strategies. Options are extremely versatile financial instruments that have been used extensively by professional traders. These instruments allow us to create unique investment scenarios that greatly increase the chance of success. Being leveraged assets, they also provide higher returns. Our own options trading system has been generating high monthly returns over the past four years (see here).

You will learn all about Options and their uniqueness. Starting from the basics of options and the 4 basic strategies you will move on to learn about advanced strategies. You will also learn about the peculiarities of the Indian derivatives market and how to successfully trade in it.

Here a trade. There a trade.

Learn the art of identifying trends that reveal the growing interest in a particular commodity or stock, so you can ride the wave too.

Wait for the right moment to get into the trade. Learn how much the price will retrace so that you set up your strategies in the right location.

Get greater insights into price behaviour with wave theory that defines key ratios for retracement and extensions of price

Use professional techniques and tools that make short listing stocks a breeze, so that you can get a varied number of stocks and commodities in your investment portfolio.

Planning your way to success

All the things you need for a good plan.

  • Learn to set up a graphical picture that gives you a complete view of your trade, so that you know what your risk really is and how your trade will mature over time.
  • Set up disciplined stop losses and learn how to exit a trade if it goes against you, so that you can conserve your capital and structure your trading for the long run.
  • Understand Options pricing techniques and Options premium so that you can be sure you are entering at the right price levels
  • With over 20 Options Strategies, never run out of trading ideas irrespective of market conditions.


How they are satisfied with our service.

“I feel confident about my ability to start generating passive income from the market … I am eternally grateful”

Abhishek Narvekar


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Options Strategies

Taking you from concept to reality.

Look over my shoulder as my team and I take you through the order placing ritual that ensures you enter the trade with complete control

Learn to manage your orders with step by step processes so that you are sure to get the best prices and maximum profits.

Discover the trade management technique that ensures you liquidate the maximum value of your trade as the stock moves in your favour.

Discover free tools that give you greater control and stress-free investing

Keeping a tab on your past

Learn from it.

  • Continue your disciplined trading with professional monitoring techniques that make sure your trades are executed flawlessly
  • Get insights about your trading from past performance, so that you can fine-tune your strategy and get greater mileage
  • Use our worksheets to simplify your trade log and evaluate your trading performance
  • Discover how keeping a trading log helps you become a disciplined trader and discover your strengths and weaknesses

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Workshop?

ANSWER: It’s not quite a course and it’s definitely not just an ordinary report or white paper…

A Workshop is more like an “action plan on steroid!”

We work with you online and we take you through the key concepts, case studies, the planning process, goal setting, and much much more.

Here’s how it works:

As professional traders, we invest in the Capital Markets and specialise in Options Strategies. At the Income Option, our mission is to help 20,000 people have a second line of income so that they can raise the level of their lifestyles. But before we could help them start investing, we had to help our clients get absolute control on their money.

So, we got to work …

In addition to our in-house financial expert, we consulted some of the best professionals in the field to come up with a complete financial system for saving and investing.

When we finished, we were left with a simple, easy to follow, 4 step process that incorporated all our best practices that made taking action and getting results super simple!

Why just ₹495

ANSWER: If you’re thinking “495 rupees is cheap … what’s the catch?” then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. 495 rupees puts this information within the reach of everyone … and that’s our stated mission – to help 20,000 people achieve financial freedom. And at 495 rupees you should not have to think too much about it 😉

2. It makes sure only the serious action takers will sign up. We only want committed folks who take action, and in our experience charging anything … even if it’s just a buck … gets rid of 99% of the time-wasters.

3. It helps us cover our costs. (Hey, we’re all financial savvy people, we need to take care of our house BEFORE we can help other, right?)

We also believe that once you experience this workshop, you’ll want more and maybe … just maybe … you’ll come back, buy more and possibly even upgrade to The Income Option Structured Options Trading Calls where you get access to our weekly trades and a complete Income System.

But that’s it…

No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.