Trading Strategy Playbook

Download this template to get a complete trading plan set up and give yourself the system of a professional trader.


Trading Mindset


Plan Template
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All you need for

Consistent Income

Consistent Returns

Get crystal clear on the 4 Characteristics that you’ll need to get consistent returns from the stock market, irrespective of what instrument you decide to invest in.

The Right Mindset

Use the tricks of the trade and have the right mindset for continued success with your investments

Risk Management

Employ the Risk Management strategies of professional investors that put the odds of success in your favour. Understand position-sizing that defines your per-trade risk.

Testing your Strategies

Bring your strategies to life as you test them BEFORE and put only the best of them into production


What the experts says

Whatever your background, trading is as much a profession as any other. You have to approach it with the same discipline and commitment. Use this Investment Plan to put together the building blocks of investing and start trading with confidence.

Anshul Pathania

Options Strategies Expert

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